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I just couldn’t wait… x3 

Hell yeah! First purchase with my debit card was the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription! xDD I’m so freaking happy that I don’t have to go digging through old comics to end up empty handed of Deadpool any longer!  It doesn’t matter how fun it is to organize and find treasures I didn’t know I wanted, sometimes all I want to do is relax and read a freaking comic in peace without spending an hour of fruitless searching!

I couldn’t wait the 43 days until my birthday! Besides, it feels awesome to be able to buy something like this for myself!

I suppose it says something of my character that I paid cash for a carton of eggs today just so I could say that this was my first purchase with my card. x3  Just so beyond freaking ecstatic!!  I’m such a nerd, and look who doesn’t care, me!!

Now to go off and read me some Deadpool! <3